The following Business Website Maintenance & Optimization Services are provided by the Website Webmasters at HG Media


Domain Name Registration Services

  • Domain Name Research & Recommendations
  • Domain Name Registration & Renewal Assistance
  • Domain Name Servers Management (DNS)
  • Domain Forwarding

Website Hosting Management Services

  • Hosting Provider Recommendations
  • Hosting Plan Recommendations
  • Domain Hosting Set Up

Email Hosting Management Services

  • Email Provider Recommendations
  • Email Hosting Set Up
  • Email Address Management

Website Development Services

  • Website Program Recommendations (HTML, CMS, etc)
  • Website Programming Set Up
  • Website Page Hierarchy
  • Website Functionality Recommendations (Widgets, Plug-Ins, Apps, etc)
  • Website Speed & Security Optimization

Content Development Services

  • Content Copywriting & Copy Editing
  • Calls To Action Banners
  • Original Photography Recommendations
  • Stock Photography Research & Recommendations
  • Video Production Planning & Production Management
  • Audio Recording Planning & Production Management

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

  • Optimization Strategy & Execution
  • Keyword Research & Recommendations
  • Written Content Optimization (titles, heads, subheads, page descriptions, etc.)
  • Image Optimization (titles, alt tags, file sizes, etc)
  • Review of Google Analytics Data & Optimization Recommendations
  • Review of Google Search Console Data & Optimization Recommendations


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