From the 1700’s to today, the Rocky Hill Inn has been a cornerstone and an integral part of the community of Rocky Hill, NJ.

Original Rockingham home circa 1860

Original Rockingham home (circa 1860)

John [?] Harrison built the original inn and tavern structure in 1745.   In 1783 the Revolutionary War was over.  The Continental Congress was meeting in Princeton and Washington had rented a house in Rocky Hill called Rockingham.

There is some documentation that Harrison and Washington knew each other and it is reasonable to assume that he may have visited the RHI and the Harrison family at least once.  There is no documentation that Washington ever slept at the Rocky Hill Inn.  Of course, he didn’t have to since he lived nearly next door.

By the late 1800’s, Rocky Hill had become a fashionable summer excursion stop-off for city folks.  In the 1920s, John Toth ran the inn and a butcher shop (seen left).  The Rocky Hill Inn looks much the same today except for window changes, porch alterations, and first floor exterior materials.  Since 1945, the inn has not been a hotel but continues operations as a restaurant.

Rocky Hill Inn as it looked in 1880

Rocky Hill Inn (circa 1880)

Of interest, is the fact that the RHI was used as a filming location for parts of the 1994 movie IQ in which Walter Mattheu played Princeton resident,
Albert Einstein.

The current owner, Evan Blomgren, purchased RHI in 2008.



Rocky Hill Inn around 1890

Rocky Hill Inn (circa 1890)



Much of the material in this history was provided by the book “Images of America, Rocky Hill, Kingston, Griggstown” by Jeanette K. Muser.  1998

Rockingam picture provded by the Rockingham Historical Society